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A lot of people enjoy the idea of watching a Sci-Fi movie or TV show. It can be a great distraction from the day to day hassle, not to mention it allows you to test your creativity and reach some new heights all the time! But you have to wonder: what is science fiction?

Also known as Sci-Fi, science fiction is a fictional genre that brings in concepts which may be a part of a potential future. The Sci-Fi ideas include potential technologies like time travel, space travel, advanced science and technology and so on. Some Sci-Fi shows or books even venture onward to things like the existence of parallel universes, light travel or even extraterrestrial life!

You will also note the fact that sci-fi tends to explore the potential consequences of science and technological innovations. Many call it a literature of ideas, mainly because it builds upon ideas and helps take them to the next level.

Despite the fact that sci-fi novels and movies tend to be very creative in regards to the potential future, they do tend to have at least a grounding factor most of the time.

Science Fiction did evolve quite a lot throughout the years, but some concepts like parallel universes, time travel, and alien lives have been accepted by every author and movie creator. That being said, each creative person that works with sci-fi ideas does tend to bring his/her influence when it comes to creatures, concepts, and stories as a whole

Sci-Fi is making the improbable possible according to Ron Serling, whereas fantasy makes the impossible probable.

Why do people enjoy the sci-fi genre?

Maybe the primary benefit you get from this genre is that you can leave our world behind and you can engage in a story with multiple dimensions, realities, and worlds. You are free to let your imagination wild and create new stories or expand on those that you see in front of you. Plus, the Sci-Fi content usually makes you find products and items that relate to the show/book you read, so you can expand that fictional universe and bring it to reality. Star Wars and Star Trek or Dune are great examples of fictional worlds that were brought to life by merchandise, among many others!

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10 thoughts on “Science Fiction

  1. I am a big fan of science fiction and I even have my own site. It not dedicated to science fiction itself, but rather to on particular TV program. I love your site and would love it if you would go to my site and check out what I am doing. I am going to bookmark your to watch what is going on with yours.

  2. Hi Dira!
    Great website!
    It’s good to be PASSIONATE about any particular topic/hobby, etc!
    It helps you express yourself to the full – I should know as I have couple of websites where I let myself …… loose!
    Good to see you are part of “WA”!
    It’s a great place to learn and succeed in “bizzyness”!
    Wish you well.

  3. When it comes to imaginative concepts such as futuristic science and technology, space travel, time travel, and the likes, is one movie I love to watch regularly – maybe because I am also into science. You have done a good work by following your passion.
    Best of success!
    Member of “WA”

    1. Hi Johnson,

      Thanks for your kind words.
      I am curious to know:
      which is the movie you like to watch regularly?
      Regularly like every month?
      Every 3 Months? How much time are we talking about?

      Best wishes!

  4. I like it because I like it 🙂
    Seriously, it is just fascinating to me all the possibilities that we can think of and how many of these came through (just rewatch The Jetsons or Star Trek to understand what I mean). I especially like those stories that give us hope for a better future. It incentive us to learn more and reach that dream. Unfortunately, those stories are not as popular anymore. Everything is dark nowadays and its influencing societies in a negative way.

  5. It is my happy place 🙂 Watching a movie or reading a book is my escape from the daily stress. I never thought about writing but now I’ll be thinking about it. Keep up the good work!

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