Watching Sci-Fi

Is watching science fiction a great idea? Of course it is. But the question still remains: what do you watch?

Science fiction has many categories and many science fiction sub categories. These sub categories present viewers with the opportunity to watch stories in diverse scenarios. In time back, this wasn’t the case as science fiction was associated with monsters and space battles.

But today, the genre has evolved into different categories. The combination of these subcategories gives rise to many possibilities and also provides an opportunity for an audience to watch movies in different angles. Today, science fiction is more than monsters and space battles.

Let’s see in how many sub-genres we have:

Sci-Fi Action Adventure

Sci-Fi Superhero

Sci-Fi Space

Sci-Fi Time Travel

Sci-Fi Biopunk

Sci-Fi Climate

Sci-Fi Cyberpunk

Sci Fantasy

Sci-Fi Gothic

Sci-Fi Horror

Sci-Fi Thriller

Sci-Fi Military

Sci-Fi  Mystery

Sci-Fi Romance

Sci-Fi Social

Sci-Fi Steampunk

These subcategories are often mixed with other TV genres to produce awesome pieces. One notable example is Logan (2017). The film has science fiction combined with superhero, action adventure, western, drama, social and fantasy.

There are more films that you wouldn’t expect to be as good or that they even fall in the Sci-Fi category which is great. It shows that the genre has evolved and that there is something for everyone.