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Do you like Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) movies or TV shows like me? If your answer is yes, welcome you arrived home: don’t hold back your Sci-Fi! If you are not a sci-fi fan (yet) please stay a bit and feel free to look around.



This site is dedicated mainly to science fiction. Here I will be writing mostly about Science Fiction Movies & TV shows. I also have a special love for the Fantasy genre. You will probably notice that in my content.  I appreciate critical thinking, and I believe in working hard and continuous learning.

I have been watching movies since a very young age not really understanding what was being said. Even though now I understand and speak English very well, it is not my native language.  We didn’t have cable at home so the only way we had to watch movies was by renting them at the movie store. Remember those? How times have changed.



Watching my favorite movies and TV shows is something I do (or try to do) every day. I have been a fan of sci-fi, loving Movies and TV shows like Star Wars, Star Trek,  Stargate SG1, the Marvel Movies, Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts, and where to find them, and so on. Now look,  I may not know all details about everything but that doesn’t mean my fan position doesn’t count.

The sci-fi genre is immense. I have my favorites but it does not mean that I’m ignoring the rest. Absolutely not! It’s just that there is so much  I want to see but I don’t think I will be able to see everything in this lifetime. But if there are suggestions you may have please feel free to let me know. 

As a fan, I look for information, promotional material, and/or fan items regarding my favorite movies and TV shows. But it’s not always easy to find what you are looking for. Sometimes I have a friend who can help me but it’s not always the case for everybody.

Here you will some of my recommendations and suggestions that could be helpful to you and I will do my best to write on topics that I think are interesting and relevant about the genre(s). Feel free to visit our shop, comment on individual posts and pages, and follow us on social media.



However, we do have some rules for those interacting on our platform. So why do we have “rules”? Without a common and shared understanding of what we consider acceptable behavior, online communities eventually degrade into spam, unconstructive criticism, incoherent comments, etc. This has a negative impact on those who do want to have a civil conversation to discuss disagreements and offer constructive criticism. To try and avoid that, we’ve developed some guidelines for behavior. The result, so far, has been good. However, there have been some spam comments and comments for self-promotion of products that are unrelated to anything on this platform.

We want a free and fair space for civil conversation and expressions of love for those things we enjoy the most in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Here are the main rules of conduct of ScienceFictionMoviesTV:

1. Share Opinions. Stay on Topic: Make your case and then move on. People who bang on non-stop about the same thing and never let up are dull and boring. Post-Geek Singularity is intended to be a place where people can talk about genre entertainment and the entertainment industry, not politics. If you’re going to make social commentary, make it relevant, or do it somewhere else.

2. Know your Stuff: If you want to make an intellectual argument for your point of view, fine, just make sure it’s accurate and correct yourself if it’s not. If you’re going to use history or economics to justify your position, double-check your facts before you make your claim. 

3. Everyone makes Mistakes: If you make a mistake. Own it. If you hurt someone unintentionally. Apologize. If someone apologizes to you. Accept it and move on. Carry a grudge and you’re welcome to leave.

4. Don’t Get Personal: We’re all here because we share a common interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy but we all have different points of view. Please respect others as you wish to be respected. 

5. Use Proper Language: please keep it civil and use proper language. 

6. Respect Each Other: Be a good citizen and treat everyone with respect and kindness. Treat them as you would like to be treated regardless of their nationality, perceptions, or political beliefs. Disagreements are normal. Be open to agreeing to disagree.

7. Notice the Spoiler Alerts: Some fans like spoilers. Others don’t. We have a method for handling that, we try to always have a spoiler alert mention.



Whether it’s about feedback, collaboration, ideas,  specific questions, or need special help feel free to contact me at info@sciencefictionmoviestv.com

You can also find me at the Online Marketing University where I learned how to build this website.


I hope that hanging around will be a nice experience for you,
whether you are a Sci-Fi and/or Fantasy movie fan or not.

Thanks for visiting!

Dira, founder of ScienceFictionMoviesTV.com (SFM&TV)