Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was interesting…


The story takes place in New York where Peter Parker a.k.a the “Spider-Man” lives. In the same city, Miles Morales suddenly gets spider powers, well not suddenly but I’m not gonna tell you how he got his powers. Because of some crazy experimentation by villains, a little cliché but well, that’s how hero stories are, a portal opens the door for several spider characters including an older Spider-Man, a Spider-Woman, a Spider-Pig, and much more

What’s great about the story? The characters’ backgrounds are very relatable. Miles Morales has an African/Latin American heritage and as a teenager has family issues we all can relate to. When confronted with challenges Miles’ family values help him go forward so you also get a feeling of the importance of family relationships. In many instances in the movie because of his upbringing he has a more mature attitude than the adults. You will enjoy it if you are not familiar with the Spider-Man comics.

What’s not so great about the story? The Peter Parker arc. In this story, he is a reflection of many men I know but none of them have his background story. Peter has seen good days but when confronted with difficulties in his life he chose to detach himself from his true purpose and became a loser. According to my friends who read the comics, that never happened. Why do this to the legacy character when new ones are introduced? That’s a fair question to ask.

The animation used for the movie is not the conventional 3D, it’s a combination of many styles. They manage to show a cartoon character in traditional cartoon style, an anime character in traditional anime style, even a black and white character. It a blending of ideas went well. Even the Spider-Sense looks cool. The Movie gives credit to Marvel but is not an official production from Marvel so it didn’t get the same promotion treatment and even got criticized for its theatrical release as an animation/cartoon movie. Until after the release of the movie when the general audience reacted to the movie is when it got more popular. It is an animated movie for the whole family to see.

I liked it. Maybe because I’m not so attached to Spiderman. My Spiderman exposure has been the cartoons and the movies. Unlike some of my friends who read the comics, had action figures, watched everything, and are hard-core fans. I think for the general audience it’s interesting and entertaining. And it gets people talking and, learning about old spiderman stories.

It’s worth a watch.




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