Don't hold back your Sci-FI!There is much territory to explore in the Sci-Fi world. When talking about Sci-Fi I noticed that many people relate Sci-Fi only to space battles and monsters and are quick to negatively judge or dismiss it, which is not completely fair. I also noticed that some people are just hesitant to admit that they like the genre.

Sci-Fi is not only about space battles and monsters. Those may be the most popular themes in the genre but they are not the only options to choose from.

You would be surprised at the type of movies you’ll encounter. However, there are people who quickly dismiss Sci-Fi, not knowing that it’s not that bad to begin with. See the positive sides and get to know Sci-Fi before you start judging it. Here are a few positives:



The inventive stories will distract you from the daily stress and routines. This benefit is the main reason many people turn to the Sci-Fi genre.


Themes for ongoing dialogue and conversation

There are a variety of movies and TV shows that are just simple and fun. But there are others that come up with specific themes or are intellectually challenging which may pave the way to initiate a conversation.


Stimulation of your thinking process

Movies and TV shows come often with certain topics or show certain scenes that are usually not openly discussed and leaves the audience thinking about them which later creates the possibility for a more open discussion.


Integration into fandom

Each movie or TV show has its group of fan-followers. If you connect with a particular movie or TV show, rest assured that you will find other people who watched it and with who you can chat, exchange ideas and discuss it.


Inspiration and creativity

Themes and scenes in movies and TV shows often become an inspiration for other people to move forward in life. For others, these themes and scenes become muses that help create new art forms.


Final thoughts

Sci-Fi is so much more than just space battles and monsters. Even though they have an important place in the genre, you will find that climate change, social issues, and even romance have a place in this genre.

So don’t be so quick to dismiss it but rather take a moment to explore all the available options. I am sure you will find something of interest to you and when you do find it, share it with your friends.

I am curious to know what you think of Sci-Fi. What do you think about the positives of watching Sci-Fi? Feel free to leave your comments. I would love to hear from you.


Hi There! I am Sci-Fi Fan who wishes to share the love for Sci-Fi. Whether you know about Sci-Fi or not, on SFM&TV you will find interesting material to explore. I'll be happy to share with you what I know and to learn from you as well.

12 thoughts on “Don’t hold back your Sci-Fi!”
  1. I’m a HUGE fan of sci-fi horror and disaster films. Some of my favorite movies are Event Horizon, The Core, Deep Impact, and more recently, Interstellar. Interstellar is probably my favorite sci-fi film of all time. For me personally, there is a fantasy element to the films that I love – wondering what I would do in their situation. Also, I love the MYSTERIES of deep space – like who (or what) helps Cooper to communicate with his daughter in the past? What did the crew on Event Horizon see that drove them crazy? Who was placing black monoliths all over the planet through time on Space Odessey? No other genre compares to that kind of mystery and excitement!

    1. I’m with you Britanny! There is something about it that is just simply great.
      Thanks for stopping by and take time to read my post. I appreciate it.

  2. I LOVE Science Fiction! Ray Bradbury is my favorite author… I used to love getting the “Science Fiction Short Story” compilations every year and read all of the great ones… Silverberg, Isamov and more. Reading your articles really brought back those memories and makes me think I should start putting more time aside to read! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Hi Wenda,
      It’s great to meet another sci-fi fan. Indeed many times it starts with the stories in books/short stories that get translated to the screen. Every year there are great stories from great authors in general. But every year there are a few gems born in cinema or in TV, these are considered gems because the story was well written.

  3. SciFi (and fantasy) are my two favourite genres. Even as a teenager, I read stuff by E. E. Doc Smith and Isaac Asimov (among others) and thoroughly embraced my inner geek.
    I even liked the Stargate films and series and I don’t care who knows it 🙂
    Thanks for an interesting post.

    1. Hi Derek,

      Thank you for stopping by.
      It’s nice to meet another Sci-Fi Fan. I like Stargate SG1 ( including the Movie the Ark of Truth) and Stargate Atlantis (so you are not alone).

  4. I agree with your points mentioned above. Yes, science fiction can serve to be an entertaining purpose to people like the working adults who wish to take a short respite from work. I can say that there are some science fiction that had become a reality especially when it comes to the black holes found in the universe after lot’s of research and discovery going on.

  5. I was never interested in Sci Fi before because I thought it was all about monsters and horrible story plots. I also equated it with almost soft porn as it seemed all the women were scantily clad and go the majority of deaths. I know enjoy it because it’s so much more than that and the stories are good and there is so much more breadth to sci fi. It helped that my husband is a huge fan and I started watching some with him and decided it’s pretty darn good!

    1. Hi Linda,
      I know what you mean. You are surely not the only one who had that thought. And Yes, Sci-Fi is so much more than that. There are a few stories from the 90s that are worth checking out. The last 17 years there has been many changes to the genre (storytelling and visually).

  6. Ii think that if one loves sci-fi there are benefits of watching it for sure.
    If it’s the contrary – then there are negatives. 🙂
    That relates to everything we do in life I guess.
    As far as I am concerned I watch sci-fi because I love it and it enlarges my imagination.

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