History Sci-Fi

Past events that were either failures or successes formed the ground that we walk upon today.

Understanding how Sci-Fi came to exist can be complicated or very simple. However, it’s imperative to know origin and history so we can find it easy to understand the position we find ourselves today.

The simple way: While science fiction is deeply rooted in history, the simplest way to relate to science fiction in a way that people recognize is referring them to the stories of Utopia and Gulliver’s Travels, Frankenstein – the origins of science fiction.

The more complicated way: In this wise, the history of science fiction is a graphical arrangement of events in a chronological order that shows the literary genre from its initial roots in systematic collection and study of myths and awesome stories to the post-Star Wars space epics showing today.

Science Fiction can be described as the progeny of the impact that Enlightenment era and Romanticism era had when they collided together which brought about Gothic fiction which in turn birthed sci-fi, horror, crime novels, fantasy, and westerns.