Giant Monsters: Reviving LegendsWith so many new giant monsters movies in the pipeline, the trend of sci-fi horror continues strong. “What movies?” you may ask:

King Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

Godzilla: King of Monsters (Godzilla 2) (2019)

Godzilla vs. Kong (2020)

The first movie of the group to be released is King Kong: Skull Island. From the trailer, we get a glimpse into unknown territory that a group of people will go into not knowing what awaits them there.

King Kong and Godzilla

We have always known King Kong as the big ape but in this trailer, you see it in bigger proportions. It’s impressively giant and scary. It shows how filmmaking and CGI developed through the years.  Just compare the existing King Kong films and you’ll see want I mean.

This movie trailer gives me great expectations for Godzilla. Based on the title of the movie I expect it to be bigger than Kong. Well, it has the title “God of Monsters” so I expect it to hold up to it.

The battle between Godzilla and Kong has been done before a long time ago. Will it end the same? Since Godzilla has a god title I’m expecting it to have a bigger chance at winning. But you never know maybe Kong can still take him down.

Pacific Rim

Now let’s talk a little about Pacific Rim. The first movie released in 2013 was ok. I was familiar with the concept of the movie because it was similar to an anime I saw a few years back (Neon Genesis Evangelion).

To give you an idea about Pacific Rim, it’s about Giant Robots that were created to fight against monsters that were emerging from the sea. These Giant Robots were driven by human pilots. Pacific Rim: Uprising will be a sequel to Pacific Rim.

Using imagination

Here’s a thought: what if after the battle between Godzilla and Kong the world is at risk because the winner is lose, ready to destroy everything on its way and Pacific Rim has to come to the rescue. Imagine the battle between a Giant Robot and Godzilla or Kong? In the past there were already a few versions of Godzilla battling a robot version of it but I guess here it will be different.

The History of King Kong and Godzilla

Now let’s take a look at history at the classic giant monster movies so far. These are the of King Kong and Godzilla’s movies made through the years:

King Kong
1933 King Kong
1933 The son of Kong
1933 Wasei Kingu Kingu
1938 King Kong appeared in Edo
1962 King Kong vs. Godzilla
1976 Queen Kong
1978  By By Monkey
1986 King Kong lives
2005 King Kong
1954 Godzilla
1955 Godzilla raids again
1962 King Kong vs. Godzilla
1964 Mothra vs. Godzilla
1964 Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster
1965 Invasion of Astro Monster
1966 Ebiran, Horrow of the Deep
1967 Son of Godzilla
1968 Destroy all Monsters
1969 All Mosnters Attack
1971 Godzilla vs. Hedorah
1972 Godzilla vs. Gigan
1973 Godzilla vs. Megalon
1974 Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
1975 Terror of Mechagodzilla
1984 The Return of Godzilla
1989 Godzilla vs. Biollante
1991 Godzilla vs King Ghidorah
1992 Godzilla vs. Mothia
1993 Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2
1994 Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla
1995 Godzilla vs. Deskoyah
1998 Godzilla
1999 Godzilla Millenium
2000 Godzilla vs. Megaguirus
2001 Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
2002 Godzilla against Mechagodzilla
2003 Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S
2004 Godzilla Final Wars
2014 Godzilla
2016 Shin Godzilla

Obviously, Godzilla is the most popular. Its popularity is present mostly in Asia (Japan). With all the upcoming movies on the agenda, it will be exciting to see how to will promote them and how they will continue reviving the legends. Will you see all of them? Feel free the leave your comments. I would love to hear from you.


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20 thoughts on “Giant Monsters: Reviving the Legends”
  1. Hi Dira

    I did not know the Pacific Rim sequel was coming out, found the first one to be pretty interesting and unpredictable which is always refreshing, so many predictable movies out there which makes them boring in my opinion.

    Concept Sci-Fi movies always intrigue me.

    Saw “The Day The Earth Stood Still” recently with Keanu Reeves and would recommend it.



    1. Hi Kamil,

      Thanks for your comments. You are right about the predictable movies but for me it worked the opposite since I knew already about the concept from the anime. I could predict some of the scenes. Especially the fighting scenes. Was still cool to see it in live action.

      Sci Fi is so broad. The stories can go in any direction.

      I did not see “The Day The Earth Stood Still” yet. I just look it up and its from 2008! I will put it in my pending to see list. Thanks!

  2. I am a cinema lover but I know very little about the sci/fi genre besides those films which are mentioned in the books of great cinema. It is truly amazing how many films these monsters have produced throughout the years.

    I honestly probably will not watch these films mentioned near the top…

    King Kong: Skull Island (2017)
    Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)
    Godzilla: King of Monsters (2019)
    Godzilla vs. Kong (2020)

    However I am curious, even though you mention how film has developed through the years do you prefer the new installments or the classics?

    1. Thanks for your feedback Jose!

      Most of the movies of Godzilla were made in Asia and were not marketed the same level as Hollywood. I honestly didn’t know about most of them until I did my research.

      To answer your question: the classics will always be special. Even though today with all the available technology they may look a little bit silly it’s still good to watch them and compare. I have yet to see these new versions to give an honest answer but I hope for good stories. The last movies I have seen of King Kong and Godzilla did not impress me.

      It’s always good to take a look back and see how far film has developed. My post is about giant monsters but the original classic horror monsters like Frankenstein, wolf man, invisible man, the mummy are also planned to be made some time in the future. From that group the mummy will be released this year. I have no information about the others yet. So try to see if you like these. Remember the sci fi genre is broad. It’s not only about monsters. Have you seen Arrival yet?

  3. I saw those movies from 1962 on, at the movie theater when I was a youth. I love the content of your page. I have been been a fan since childhood in the 60s.

  4. Although Godzilla more famous, but I still like King Kong. It shows that no matter how strong you are, how fierce you are, how good or how bad you are, “Love” still is the only thing that can change you.

  5. Hey,

    Those movies look awesome.
    I am a huge fan of sci-fi movies and I think that Kong: Skull Island is the movie that will kick ass this year.
    I think that the cast is great. I like both Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson.
    Which movie are you most eager to watch.

    1. Hi Asen,

      Thanks for stopping by.
      I am really curious about King Kong: Skull Island. The trailer looks great but its difficult to predict if the movie is going to be good. Thank god we don’t have to wait long. I most likely will watch King Kong and Pacific Rim (I’m curious to see if there are improvements in the Pacific Rim sequel). I am curious about Godzilla but I’m not really a fan of it (yet).

  6. I do love a good bit of sci-fi escapism! You are so right about the modern computer generated film technology making these monsters bigger, better and so believable. Think the new Kong movie looks interesting from the sequel – sort of a lot of elements that we’ve seen before – just done with a little more pizazz. Great fun though. Thanks for flagging these films up for me.

  7. I love these types of monster movies way better than the horror/suspense type. Do you remember Cloverfield? I didn’t like that movie very much, it was more like a survival movie then a monster movie.

    Anyway great post, I’m looking forward to King Kong: Skull Island, I was really excited when Pacific Rim came out but after watching it I wasn’t that impressed so I don’t know if I’ll bother with the sequel.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comments.
      Yes I remember clover field. At the time I didn’t care much for it. Last year 10 Cloverfield Lane came up and its like a continuation of the movie.
      More than a monster movie it seems that the universe is indeed about survival of a widespread chemical attack. The following videos explain possible theories about the cloverfield universe:
      So in a way it’s something like the Resident Evil stories.
      And there is many fictional information created for the universe so I believe they will continue with it in the future. There is more to the story than just the monster apparently.

  8. I have always liked monster films, from the classics to this. I too like how they have progressed with the production and technology. I see from the trailer that it is different take Shop to speak on King Kong, (rather than taking him back to New York as in other films).

    1. Hi Owain,

      Thanks for your comments.
      Yes you are right. Instead of starting with Kong going to the city. People are going to his habitat and disturb him.

  9. Looking over your list, I have seen every single movie up until 1994 and then just a couple. Coincided with the birth of my youngest! Pacific Rim is new to me and your article makes me want to see what I’ve missed. I love Godzilla and King Kong, so I’m anticipating seeing this upcoming sequel too! Just looking at the changes in technology is mind blowing.

  10. Thanks for an interesting read. I wasn’t aware that there was going to be a new King Kong movie this year.

    Personally speaking, I love the original. I know that special effects are very much better these days, but there’s just something about the first one that makes it better (in my opinion at least).

    With that being said, I’ll certainly head along to the movies and check out the new one when it comes out!

    1. Hi Jim,

      You are not the only one that prefers the first one. I hear from many other people that like the classics better. Hope you enjoy it!

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