CGI in Sci-Fi

Will the use of CGI in sci-fi movies increase even more in the coming years?

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is used to digitally create animation and special effects in film and television. Think of Aliens, Monsters, Giants, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to costumes in X Men movies.

Special effects in science fiction are a requirement and therefore important but they are sometimes overused.

Importance of CGI

The quality of CGI has changed over the years and has become an important factor for the production of many sci-fi films.

, Star Wars, Terminator, Alien, the Matrix  and Jurassic Park are a few of older classic Sci Fi films that made use of CGI software in the past. More recent films like the Rise of the Planet of the apes, Avatar, Avengers, Interstellar & Inception have shown a better use of CGI.

The most impressive use of CGI to me is the planet of the apes franchise. Using CGI is not guaranteed success, the story being told has to be good and the audience should connect with the story ( one example I can think of is Independence day: Resurgence).

Availability of CGI software and increased computer speeds have allowed individual artists and small companies to produce professional-grade films, games, and fine art from their home computers.  Examples of these are the short sci-fi films created of the Power Rangers,  Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men & Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope. As time goes on I’m sure we will be seeing more.

In 2017 I look most forward to the following CGI films to watch:  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor: Ragnarok, Star Wars: Episode VIII, War for the planet of the apes,  King Kong: skull island, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,  the Lego Batman movie, the Great Wall, Beauty and the Beast, Power Rangers, Ghost in the shell, Jumanji  and the Mummy.


It’s an attractive product that is constantly in development. There are  films created only with CGI technology which gained profitable results from the box office. As long as CGI keeps improving its influence on the sci-fi genre will continue to grow.

Do you agree? Feel free to leave your comments.

10 thoughts on “CGI in Sci-Fi

  1. Great to know how CGI works, very informative. I love so many of these movies that you mention, its great to have a better understanding of how it works to give the super images we see -thanks

  2. I love film and I think we are lucky to be living in a time where computer generated imagery is available to produce amazing things on-screen. Films such as Spider-Man (or any film with Spider-man) would not be as good if made 30 years ago.
    I do think that too much CGI can be a bad thing for a film. See The Mummy 2.

    1. Hi Josh,
      I agree with you. I saw the Mummy too and enjoyed it despite of the CGI. Its one of my favorite movies to watch on a lazy day. When I watch those scenes I just fast forward. The one movie with bad CGI that I just could watch one time and never again is Green Lantern.

  3. I didn’t even know about this technology. Very awesome. Now some of the smaller companies can afford to make high quality Sci-fi films!!

  4. We’re a movie going family and the fantastic imagery is part of the enjoyment for us. CGI when used well can add so much to a movie and increase that whole movie going satisfaction. I’ve seen movies where the CGI is not great but the movie plot is good. When it doesn’t match, the whole experience is off. Loved your article!

  5. The answer to your first question is Yes! CGI will only become more popular and integrated with movies. The more it gets developed, the more it would be used.

    However, CGI is only part of the entire film like the music is. It’s hard to based an entire movie only on good CGI (there are many examples for that, “gods of Egypt” comes to mind) but if the CGI is not done right it can hurt the entire movie experience.

    So bottom line is that it’s important to keep the level of CGI in movies, but (like you pointed out) if the plot or other elements are not good enough, it would not carry the movie by itself.

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