The Jetsons: Season 2, Vol. 1 Review


The Jetsons – Season 2, Vol. 1 looks great but is it really worth it?

  • Overall Rating: 73%
  • Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy, Animated TV Show
  • Best Seller: fanteller
  • Returns: 30 days Money back Return Policy
  • Guarantees:  ebay Money Back Guarantee
  • Shipping: Free shipping
  • Product description: The 21 episodes of Season Two on 3 DVDs. In addition, a special featurette, “Jetsons: Return to the Future”, is also included that focuses on the evolution of the series. Among those interviewed is animation expert Mark Evanier.

Product specifications

  • Actors: George O’Hanlon Jr., Penny Singleton, Janet Waldo, Daws Butler, Don Messick
  • Format: Multiple Formats, Box set, NTSC
  • Language: English (Stereo)
  • Subtitles: English, Portuguese, French
  • Dubbed: Spanish, French, and Portuguese
  • Number of discs: 3
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Studio: Warner Brothers
  • Film Country: USA
  • DVD Release Date: June 2, 2009
  • DVD Region Code: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)

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Box & storage

  • Appreciated the one DVD case in a carton DVD Cover.


  • All the DVD cases and the DVD Discs have great designs on them. And the DVD menu is easy to navigate.

Video & Audio

  • The episodes play back to back. You will be tempted to see all episodes in a row.
  • Season 2 had more advanced animation, which had richer color, along with attempts to add content to make it seem even more futuristic than season 1.




  • Only available in standard DVD format: not available in Blu-ray or any other formats.

Video & Audio

  • The full frame of all DVDs is 1:33.1 which is supposed to be Traditional television & computer monitor standard but on my flat screen (which has a 1:85.1 full frame) I don’t see it full screen.

  • The DVD production quality is not consistent. Each episode is a gamble. Some are grainy and dull others are bright but fuzzy.


Personal experience

The wonderful thing about “the Jetsons” was that, regardless of the technology, their problems were the same ones faced by families of all ages.

Some of the episodes in season 2 have some cliche early eighties style rock. The stories are poorly written and watered down when compared to season one. I guess it’s because the original season was written and created for adults during a prime time where this season was built for Saturday morning kid time.

Whereas the background music from season one was fun, interesting, and quirky, the background music from season two is dull, bland, and generic. And while the animation in season one was simple and got the job done, the computerized version in season two makes the cartoons look quite different. I really miss the ending sequence of each episode when George gets home from a ‘long day’ of work. In season 2 the ending sequence is just a logo.

I’m among those that prefer the first season above the others. However, I still enjoyed watching the second season. It’s true that the second season is not the same as the first. But I think if you are warned beforehand that it has more plots for children, you can still enjoy it with your kids.

About this particular DVD set as a fan I would say that you would enjoy the bonus features. But the production quality of this set is not the same as the Season 1 Golden Collection.


Final Overview

Overall Rating

I liked the cover box but the DVD case model could have been better. After a while, the DVD divider in the DVD case broke. Box & Storage final rating: 70%.

The DVD cases and the DVDs have great designs on them and I appreciated the investment in the design but I just wish it to be available in more formats. DVD final rating: 80%.

The video production quality could have been better and I just wish it was available on full screen. Video & Audio final rating: 70%.

The final overall rating for this product is 73%


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I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about this DVD box set or want to leave your own personal review of the box set, leave a comment below.


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12 thoughts on “The Jetsons: Season 2 Vol. 1 Review”
  1. what a great, honest review on Season 2 of the Jetsons! I appreciate honesty, but I imagine my children watching them, anyway with pleasure!



    1. Hi Lynne,
      I completely agree. This is from my point of view that I have seen the first season so many times and can’t avoid to compare. But kids who don’t have that baggage will enjoy it for sure.

  2. Thanks for the review. As one who grew up watching the Jetsons, wondering if my adult life would be like that of George, I am delighted that all fans of the show can watch the program again. It’s still better entertainment than the rubbish they are making these days. However, it is disappointing that the set has flaws. It is that way with many vintage TV show releases. But still fun to watch. For less than twenty bucks, perhaps I will put up with the shortcomings.

  3. Hi Dira, I have watched tons of episodes of The Flintstones and the Jetsons and your post is bringing back fond memories. The concepts and stories behind it will always be timeless and I think we can all still enjoy it from time to time. Thanks for your DVD review, this is definitely a nice collection to have.

    1. Hi Moon,

      I am glad you like it. If you like season 2 you must definitely must check out season 1 as well. Thanks for your comments!

  4. Dira what a fantastic review. Jetsons were not really my kind of thing, though, because I always preferred Hong Kong Fuey, Top Cat, Popeye, and Spiderman…and, of course, good old Scooby Doo…

    I love your site too, I was just reading some of your other stuff, like your favourite shows, and was really happy when I saw Charmed, I love Charmed along with a stack of other shows and movies you have listed.

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Neil,

      Its never late to check them out (just watch one episode and see how it goes).
      Thank you so much. I hope you’ll visit from time to time.

      All the best to you.

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