Top 3 Affordable Smart Projectors

Today’s world has been blessed with the development of amazing projectors. According to Wikipedia, a projector or image projector is an optical device that projects an image (or moving images) onto a surface, commonly a projection screen.

Although most projectors’ main function is of creating an image by shining a light through a small transparent lens, however, some newer types of projectors can project the image directly through lasers.

A retinal projector is something that projects an image directly on the retina instead of using an external projection screen. The widely popular type of projectors would be video projectors. They really are digital replacements for earlier used projectors such as the slide projectors, or overhead projectors.



The newest addition to this projector family would be the smart projectors. A smart projector is actually a video projector with extra, advanced inputs, connectivity, and a built-in computer and is primarily used for entertainment and presentations.

However, just like a standard, normal video projector, a smart projector takes inputs i.e. audio-visual signals as well as outputs to any flat surface.

A smart projector has the much-needed ability to connect to the Internet and other sources for quick, large format presentation, which is very beneficial for bigger audiences. These smart devices, like a standard computer, often support multiple types of user-input USB devices, including keyboards and mice for extra usability.

Smart projectors have now been made compact and small, which was just a concept a few years ago. Now the projectors are small enough to take with you in your bag, or even in your pocket.

Even portable models have certainly come into their own, making it possible for you to protect your data and video anywhere you go. The portable projectors encompass a surprisingly wide range in size, brightness, and features.



Just like any other appliances, there are pros as well as cons of smart projectors as well.

Smart projectors offer the largest possible picture. They can be used to create the very large screen experience of a commercial movie theater in your own home. They are 100 times better than TV screens.

Also, some people may not desire a huge image, or maybe don’t have space for one. If this is the case, a projector can be used to throw a smaller image, say about 60 inches diagonal. It can serve as an inexpensive substitute for a 60 inches plasma TV.

It can be said that the smart projectors serve both the purposes for a small presentation as well as a big one. The projector proves to be very inexpensive, as compared to its other counterparts. And it is very compact, which saves space and money as well. Also, it is very much easier to install as it is lightweight and uniquely efficient to handle.

The cons of the projectors are few, but important enough to mention.

The projectors, which usually make use of light-through-lens technology, require constant darkness, leading to you sitting in a dark room while using the projector.

Also, projectors require much maintenance, which makes people hesitant about choosing projectors over others. The projectors require a separate audio system, which is a source for a difficult installation.



Given below are the three best affordable smart projectors, which you should definitely have in your homes.

1. Mini Portable Projector LED

Mini Portable Projector LEDThis projector is extremely suitable for high-definition home theater, private theater, business presentations, multimedia teaching, KTV video entertainment, party entertainment, etc.

This sleek projector also provides exceptional display quality, which makes it possible for people to enjoy the experience thoroughly!

Features include:

  • Advanced Imaging System;
  • Truly Wireless Support;
  • Unique and sleek design;
  • Cute and compact Portable;
  • Large Capacity Battery and Durable.

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2. Smart, Mini, Touch Screen Portable Projector – Home Theater

Smart, Mini, Touch Screen Portable Projector – Home TheaterThis cute and smart projector is seriously a gift from the gods! It has an image aspect ratio of 16:9 and comes with a lot of features, some of it mentioned below.

Features include:

  • Light and portable;
  • easy to take away;
  • premium, high-quality HD projector;
  • portable and flexible;
  • space-saving.

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3. Digital Smart 3D Home Theater Projector

Digital Smart 3D Home Theater ProjectorThis projector comes with a resolution of 1280*800, which is a perfect solution for a true multi-purpose projector anyone can ever have and use.

Features include:

  • Built-in Android 4.2 Operating System;
  • Keystone correction for better image;
  • LED Lamp life more than 20,000 hours, multi-selection of inputs: HDMI, USB, AV, VGA;
  • Built-in speakers, among other unbelievable features.

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Projectors are lightweight, small, compact, sleek, and intuitive in design. They are easy to transport, durable, with great and advanced features.

With all these characteristics available in just one small gadget, who wouldn’t wish to have such a thing in their homes? It is totally recommended to have projectors in all of your houses if you love a compact structure with fully packed features!

There you have, three affordable options to choose from. Would you consider buying one of them? If you are familiar with any of these Smart Projectors,  feel free to share your experiences. In case you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.



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  1. Projectors have come a long way since I was in the market for one. No space. I like your ad layout and the amount of perturbed information was great. You really know your stuff about projectors. I have been to your site before when you were researching screens. Nice job. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      Thanks so much for your comments.
      I am glad it was an interesting read for you. Feel free to look around.

  2. Wow ! That was rather educational ! I had no idea that these new smart projectors can be so ubiquitous in their usage. Why would anyone still get a “limited” TV size screen ? It only makes sense if you can chose the size of your playback. I guess in true “teaser” fashion, you kept the price tag out of the article and force the reader to click to find out. Understood ! Well done ! 🙂

    1. Hi Rico,

      I am glad it was helpful to you.
      It is a matter of fashion I believe. Whether you like big LCD screens in your living room or the use projectors, it is your choice.
      Haha.. you noticed! Thank a lot for commenting!

  3. One thing I would like to know is the electrical impact the projectors have. what is the voltage? Can I set one up with a bunch of other things on a power strip or should I have it separated? I am very conscientious about my energy consumption.

    1. Hi Maureen,

      The power consumption for:
      Projector 1:8 to 9 W
      Projector 2: 5W
      Projector 3: 160W

      Regarding your second question I don’t think there will be a problem but if had to choose it will depend on where I plan to place the projector.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by. Let me know if you need more information.

  4. Great products here Dira.
    My advise with projectors, brighter is better if you have higher ambient light conditions.
    Do you know if the projector 3 can be ceiling mounted?

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