Have a Comfortable Movie Night at Home

Is there anybody who does not watch movies? I guess you will hardly get anyone! Here we present amusing and purposeful inflatable chairs. These are perfect for sitting, sleeping, and watching movies. Now you can comfortably watch your favorite movies by sitting at home at night. It provides you utmost comfort and congregates the finest finishing. This is an easy camp Movie Seat which is ideal for home, campsite or festival.


Twin Intex Inflatable Air Chair

Twin Intex Inflatable Air Chair1You would never have to choose between a good night’s sleep or watching a movie, thanks to the Intex inflatable twin classic air bed which assures you a restful night. After watching your favorite movie, you will wake up fresh the next morning!

This pioneering inflatable twin air mattress is made up of gesticulate beams with premium quality PVC. It creates a strapping and even surface. It can be easily crinkled and packed to go. All that you need to do is, just pump it up and it is ready to be used. Furthermore, it is easy to keep dirt-free, maintain and store. And can be used as a bed at night.


Queen Intex Inflatable Air Chair Sofa

Queen Intex Inflatable Air Chair SofaIntex Inflatable Air chair sofa a radical across the globe. It is a nice solution to emergency seating and sleeping arrangements.

It can easily be folded and stored in a small space by removing the air at any time. It can be used as a sofa, during the daytime, and as a bed at night.

It will look great anywhere in your house. It may be in the living room, bedroom, guest room, recreation room, or apartment. If You can use this sofa as a classy one, deluxe lounger, a tranquil adjustable seat, children’s high rise sleeper, or as a cozy bed.


Pros of Inflatable Air Chairs

Personalize Firmness – It is great as you can set it as firm or soft as you want. Add more air for a concrete finish or reduce air for a swish and squashy surface. Use the twin bed for guests as everyone likes their sleep surface slightly differently.

Back Pain – As you can fiddle with the firmness, it gives you a huge benefit. You can make the bed soft or a little tight for those people who have back problems and other types of body or joint pains.

Sharing a Bed – It has two separate inner chambers. Depending on your preferences, you can have one side firmer or softer than the other.

Bad Odour-Free – This Inflatable Air chair is made of premium quality PVC material. You will not get any bad gassing odor.

Sag less – The air inside the bed simply eliminates the sag. You can pump up with more air if needed.

Increased Durability – The premium quality product is much more durable. As it does not sag, the life span increases automatically.

Speedy Inflation – The inflation of this air sofa to full size depends on the quality of the pump. It takes hardly 3 minutes to get inflated.

Many Uses – An inflatable mattress can be used indoors or outdoors depending on its size. It can also be use as a comfortable back seat during road trips.


Cons of Inflatable Air Chairs

Condition of Pumps – You need to stay focused on the mechanical condition of the pumps as the chair is totally depending upon pumps.

Shorter Warranty –The cost of a new one will usually be the same as you renovate. So better buy a new one instead of paying towards a repair.

Prolonged Assembly – The assembly process is a bit lengthy as it takes 30 – 60 minutes (or more depending on your assembly skills) to get assembled. But once it’s done, the only thing you need to worry about is to increase or decrease air based on your preference.

Noisy Pump –Inflate or deflate the air chair depends upon the pump. Sometimes owners complain of noisy pumps.


Why give Intex Inflatable Air Chairs a try?

You can carry this product wherever you want. Inflatable Air Chair is stylish and comfortable furniture. It serves both the purpose of seating and sleeping. As per the need, it can be converted from a sofa or chair to a bed. This deluxe Inflatable Air Chair is suitable furniture for less spacious homes.

With an innovative structure, it is easy to maintain. It can be packed easily in a dense bag. The Sofa is a comfortable and unique one, as it can be easily blown up or deflates wherever you want.  It is available in your choice of bright and vivid colors. Buy one of these Inflatable Air Chairs to add dazzles to your home decor.

==> GET your  Twin Intex Inflatable Air Chair at an affordable price

==> GET your  Queen Intex Inflatable Air Chair Sofa at an affordable price

There you have them, two affordable options to choose from. Would you consider buying one of them? If you are familiar any of these inflatable chairs? Feel free to share your experiences. In case you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.



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14 thoughts on “Have a Comfortable Movie Night at Home”
  1. That was a good idea. I had one for a spare room that the kids just lounge on during wet weekends watching movies or playing games. They’re awesome.

  2. I have sat and/or slept on one of these before. They are super comfortable.. Do they come in different colors then dark blue/black?

  3. I definitely like the air chair. So many times I have fallen asleep on the sofa or in a rocking chair and woke to regret it. Does this product come with an air pump or should I buy a universal air pump from a store?

  4. Hey there,
    Yes there’s definitely room for a comfy blow-up seat or mattress or anyother air-filled lounge seat that can be used to park in front of a big TV or projector screen. Totally bought on the idea so THANKS!

    1. Hi Melinda,

      It is true not all inflatable beds are good but this one has 2 uses (single chair or bed) and you are able to check the air-level and make it they way is more comfortable for you. Don’t let one bad experience keep you from experiencing new things.

  5. So, this is like an upgraded airbed? I love that it’s couch-shaped, very cool idea to have for the all-purpose room that you want to convert into a good space on movie night. I’m one of those people who’s always LOVED airbeds and found them super comfortable. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this product and am looking forward to checking it out in person.

    1. Hi Sporky,

      Yes, you should try it. It is definitely worth it. The best thing about it is that you can bring it with you wherever you like.

  6. These look amazing! My sister is getting her own appartment and is looking for alternative furniture. I like the sofa. Will share this article with her. In what more colors they come in?

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