To Boldly Watch The Films You Want To WatchI’ve always found it interesting to analyze critics’ views and reviews on old films from let’s say for example two decades ago. At that time we as movie viewers relied more on what they had to say. Today we can share our own opinion with fellow fans and share our own judgments. You see the difference almost immediately between someone who knows the genre and someone who is just watching it as an obligation.


Today we expect more from everyone in the film industry including critics and the way they review the film. If they continue the way they used to do it in the past they will become irrelevant because today any random person can perform proper research online to obtain at least basic information about the film which includes details about the plot and how it was made. When a critic knows about the genre and is able to give an objective review that gives you both the pros and the cons, it is appreciated more than someone who doesn’t like the genre and reviews the movie unfavorably just because he doesn’t like the genre.

Critics have a difficult job because they should have knowledge about the different film genres in order to judge them. Sounds logical right? A podiatrist wouldn’t perform an open heart operation because that’s not his/her specialty. Using this example the critics should have the knowledge of both the podiatrist and the surgeon. As you see there is no categorization for critics. Everyone can review everything. And not everyone knows everything. In some cases, they don’t even make the effort to understand the genre.

Audience Response

Let’s take the science fiction genre, for example, it is a popular and difficult genre to review because there are so many subgenres and styles of filmmaking. There are critics who’s  Sci-Fi knowledge is limited to Star Wars and Star Trek and don’t see anything beyond that. Or you have the group that has absolutely no clue about science fiction or simply doesn’t like the genre.

Objective Review?Critics should be able to give an honest judgment but in reality, many have their own agenda that favors their sponsors. Therefore it is better to make your own judgment. The movie may have a different impact on you. Each person may have a different personal connection with films. If it is a genre you are unfamiliar with seeing it with an open mind and low expectation (regardless of the premise or actors in the film). This approach helped me enjoyed movies I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did.

One of the benefits we are enjoying today is the benefit of having online access to many films from different countries through streaming platforms. They give you the opportunity to experience a new film every day on your own at home. Take a few hours from watching reruns and browse through the new titles. You may discover a film that was overlooked or underrated that is worth your time. What do you think? Have you tried it? Have you seen any films or TV shows that are good to watch but haven’t been promoted strong enough for more people to watch? Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section below.


Hi There! I am Sci-Fi Fan who wishes to share the love for Sci-Fi. Whether you know about Sci-Fi or not, on SFM&TV you will find interesting material to explore. I'll be happy to share with you what I know and to learn from you as well.

8 thoughts on “To Boldly Watch The Films You Want To Watch”
  1. Oh wow….love, love, love your website, Dira. Such an interesting site. You are so right…being a critic is not an easy job, but being honest is an easier one. You have to be open-minded and you also need to be aware of the obvious – people always have choices. Thanks for you input in the world of film. Great job and continued success.

  2. I get what you are saying. I could argue that not everyone has the money to go to the cinema to watch all they want to watch but streaming services are making it easier. Even though not everything is as good, films have a different meaning for each person who is watching.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Yes, I agree that each film has a different meaning for each person. The stories become meaningful when they represent a meaningful event in your live that made you laugh or cry.

  3. I get what you’re saying. If I was only by myself I could have done it years ago. but I had my family to think of si I’m guilty of following the herd since I didn’t have enough money to spent on everything I wanted to watch. Then came Netflix and I was able to watch what I wanted to watch. I’m very happy with that change and now I can as you say boldly watch what I want to watch 🙂

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