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Is the writing profession something for you?

Writing is a way of communication and most people have the ability to do it. From the journalist that should write stories objectively and based on facts, to the screenwriter that writes about an imaginary world, for us to get lost in and forget our daily struggles for a few hours, we should be aware of the way we write stories.

In addition, the writer should have confidence in what was written by him/her and be able to defend the point of view or the story. It may seem complicated but there are ways to learn how to do it the right way. The rest will depend on the writer’s morals and convictions.


Getting Started

The writer profession deserves admiration. The beautiful thing about this profession is that everyone has a chance to become a writer. Unlike other professions that are not affordable for the lower class in society, learning to become a writer is a process everyone can start at any time. Moreover, the educational material is available online for everyone who is interested in writing.

In the movie world “Screenwriting” is the most popular type of freelance writing profession The Screenwriter has an important role in the making of a good movie. Specifically for screenwriting, there are many sources available to choose from if you are interested.

I’m sure there are many people saying: Yes, there is a lot of material online but where do I start? Getting started may seem daunting but there are great options online to explore. This time we will be discussing three of them. Let’s start!


Writer Store

We will begin with the Writer Store which provides personalized beginners assistance and unrivaled creative support. There you will find the resources to study writing and later when you become more proficient they will assist you with the tools you need. The Writer Store was created with the idea that an online store would allow anyone the world over to same access to tools used by successful Hollywood writers.

The Writer Store is dedicated to bringing you the best books, information, tips, and software for filmmakers, screenwriters, movie makers, and creative writers. Other than screenwriting there are of course other areas you can explore like blog writing, writing a novel, your autobiography or memoir (everybody seems into it these days) or a short story, etc.

To give you an idea about the quality of their content here are some of their available materials: FREE Writing Seminar: “How to Write a Screenplay One-Sheet” and their Article How to Write a Screenplay: Script Writing Example & Screenwriting Tips”

Online Writing Classes & Seminars at Writers Store

Writers Store

They have many study materials which may seem overwhelming at first which could be a disadvantage if you don’t know what you are looking for. To best approach is to establish your writing goals before you start looking at study materials.


Writer’s Digest

If you’ve already discovered your unique ability for writing and you are searching for more information to advance your knowledge the Writer’s Digest writing tutorials may help you with your goals.

More than 250 Expert Writing Tutorials at Writer's Digest Tutorials Whether you want to start writing your first screenplay, become an accomplished freelance writer, or if you want to simply craft a memoir, all the information you’ll need can be found right here including how to break in as a writer, find some writing inspiration, or learn how to handle rejection, encouragement and critical knowledge.

In fact, the goal of Writer’s Digest is to not only teach you the basics but to see you advanced your skills in every level. From writing a book to freelance writing and everything in between, use the writing tutorials to get started today.

Same as the Writer Store Writer’s Digest has many study materials which may seem too much if you don’t know what you are looking for. So it should be helpful to first identify what kind of writer you are or what kind of writer you want to become and establish your writing goals. Once you have those, looking for the required study materials won’t be difficult.


Screenwriters University

Whether you’re completely new to writing screenplays or you’re an experienced screenwriter looking to add a new skill, Screenwriters University has courses for you.

Screenwriters University, which was developed by “The Writers Store”, is the premier resource for writing and film-making tools since 1982. Each class was designed to get you into writing and keep you writing for a long and inspired career. An online screenwriting university featuring affordable instruction from well-known film industry professionals, Screenwriters University offers a variety of online writing courses for screenwriters at every experience level.

Each of the courses is broken up into session’s normally lasting  approximately one week, and each session includes the following sections:

Lecture Material
All the courses are developed by professional screenwriters who also dedicate themselves to helping others improve their craft and break into the industry. Each week you will have access to a new lecture where they share their knowledge and experience about the topic of the course. After reading the lecture students are then encouraged to ask questions and participate in the discussion area (see below).

Discussion Area
This section of the course is where the students discuss that week’s lecture, both between themselves and with the instructor. Many times the instructor will actually post prompts related to that week’s lesson to help the students really dive into the material and get the most out of the lecture.

Writing Assignment
Every course is designed to help you produce a specific piece of work or improve a specific area of your craft. Therefore each week includes a writing assignment that is designed as a stepping stone that will get you one step closer to hitting your goal by the end of the course. Each assignment is sent to the instructor in private. They will then critique your work and send it back to you privately within the system.

Peer Critiques
This section is not mandatory, but the University has found out that a lot of our students love getting feedback from both their instructor and their peers. If you wish, you can submit any piece of work to be critiqued by other students in the course. Most opt to post that week’s assignment, but you can submit anything you would like to be reviewed by the other students.

Private Journal
Each student has a journal that only they and the instructor can access. This is used if you have any questions for the instructor that you don’t want to post publicly in the discussion board.

So whether you’re just starting to brainstorm screenplay ideas, or are a seasoned screenwriter looking to advance your career, Screenwriting University is a great option to help you achieve all your screenwriting goals.


TUTORIALS Get Started as a Writerr

While Screenwriters University seems to have everything you need keep in mind that you have to commit your time to study the materials and, timely deliver your assignments if you want to complete the courses successfully.

With the Writer Store and the Writer’s Digest, you can buy the materials and decide when you’ll start your studies. At Screenwriters University you will have to follow a weekly study schedule.


Final thoughts

The Writer Store, Writer’s Digest, and the Screenwriters University are great options to start your writing profession. Writing is a way to express yourself and what you are feeling.

Whether you just started writing your first script, a blog, your memoir, or your first book, know that there are affordable tools available online to help you achieve your goals. If you wish to learn more about writing take control and look for the information you need. Learn how to make it work and don’t give up!

Have you ever thought about writing as a profession? Have you had any experience with the Writer Store, the Writer’s Digest or Screenwriters University?  Feel free to leave your comments. I would love to hear from you.







By Dira

Hi There! I am Dira. A Sci-Fi Fan who wishes to share the love for Sci-Fi. Whether you know about Sci-Fi or not, on SFM&TV you will find interesting material to explore. I'll be happy to share with you what I know and to learn from you as well.

14 thoughts on “Writing your Choice”
  1. Hi Dira,

    Writing can be a tough thing to do at the beginning.
    They all say that practice is the name of the game.
    But as you mention, there are plenty of good resources online to get started.
    I think that the best way for someone who wants to pursue a career in writing is to try one of the three courses that you recommend.
    I have heard only good reviews about Writer’s Digest for example and I believe that it is a pretty legit way to begin learning that profession.

    1. Hi Asen,
      Fortunately there are many affordable resources online for everyone who is interested.
      I agree with you Writer’s Digest has many affordable resources, especially for beginners.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by!

  2. Wowl! This is a pretty informative site for those aspiring writers. I really like the Writer’s Digest. There is so much information and help available that you have shared on this one page. I will definitely share your site in hopes that people serious of screenwriting and other forms of writing may stumble upon it.

    1. Hi Melanie,
      I am glad this was helpful to you.
      I appreciate you taking time to read my post and check out all the information.
      Writers Digest is known (and liked) by many people but the Writer Store has also many good books and tutorials.
      And of course for the people who are serious about screenwriting the Screenwriters University is great option too.

  3. Hi, thanks a lot for this great piece of information and advice. I love to write and I do agree that practice makes you better. I will definitely look into these courses that you mentioned and share the word. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Rob,
      If writing is what you love keep going. I’m no expert in any way. I’ve started recently writing articles in a language that is not my first language. It has not been easy but I keep going (trying to improve). I encourage you to do the same. Who knows how far we will go.

  4. Hi There excellent article for new writers it’s been a long time wish for me to start a blog – And by reading yours I’m gonna start right away as the one thing I’m worried about was writing. Also I’m gonna bookmark this page as I’m preparing also for an examination where I need to write an essay on a given topic in 40 minutes, Trust this will help me in writing a great content in the exam. Keep well and keep writing, Cheers 🙂

    1. Hi Manasir,
      I am glad it was helpful. Writing can be very difficult at the start, especially writing in a language that is not your native language (I know).
      I wish you all the best with your exam.

  5. Hi there, I have started online marketing but the writing element of it has always been the most difficult part for me, all of your tips throughout your article are so so helpful! Never realised these were available and it has certainly helped me out so thanks a million…

    1. Hi William,

      You are certainly not the only one having difficulties with the writing. I am on that boat too but I have learned a lot and wanted to share that knowledge with you. I am very glad it was helpful to you. Keep writing and best wishes!

  6. What a terrific resource! I’d never heard of the Writer Store or Screenwriters University, and yet I’ve often wondered how one begins to attack something like a screenplay. This is a terrific article and review and a wonderful resource for writers. Great work. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I am glad you liked it. Thanks a lot for taking some time to read my article and commenting on it. Best wishes!

  7. Hi Dira, this is fabulous information for those who are overwhelmed and have no idea where to start. As a health coach, I have many clients who want some creativity in their lives and want to express their interest in writing. They have no idea how to begin. I will share with them your site and especially this post.

    1. Hi Linda,

      Yes it is indeed very overwhelming (and scary) at first but what I learned is you just need to start (Doesn’t matter if your grammar isn’t 100% good). As you progress and learn (often from others) you will improve your writing skills.

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