Top 5 movies of 2016

Entertainment is a concept many seek in movies. Science Fiction gives many possibilities of entertainment. It has many sub-genres that can be combined with other film genres. Therefore many kind of movies can be created. It a difficult concept to master in cinematography but if that mastery is achieved good movies are created.

We have seen many good movies during the year of 2016. There are times we see movies more than once in the theater. This happened to me too and here is my top 5 most viewed movies of 2016:

5.  Deadpool

I didn’t expect to enjoy the movie as much as I did. The throwback songs were engaging. Even though some of the jokes were too much ,the story line was good enough to get me engaged in the story.

4. Star Trek Beyond

I like the similarity of this version to the series. Its message of unity of all races, believes, gender is one that needs to be promoted today. It is sad to see that we as humankind are not there yet to understand and accept each other as we are.  The importance of loyalty among the team is another example that should be followed.

3. Doctor Strange

The story of the movie was presented in a form that was understandable for someone with no knowledge of the comics.  The visuals of the movie were amazing to see on the big screen and I enjoy the easter eggs in the movie.

2. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

For starters the main character is charming in his very own awkward way. I enjoy the interactions between the group. And its interesting to see how the wizarding world was perceived in the earlier 1920’s.

1.  Captain America: Civil War

Were to start? there are so many amazing moments in this movie. its hard to choose witch is the best. But being a Bucky fan I have to mention the fight scenes between the winter soldier and black panther. The airport fighting scene was amazing expect for the Ant Man going big thing.

So, these are the movies I watched again and again. In addition honorary mentions for Rogue One and Arrival. They were worth it. Do you agree? Feel free to leave your comments.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 movies of 2016

  1. Well, I have watched 2 of the 5 mentioned. It’s only a matter of time that I did not watch the rest. So far. Dead pool and Doctor Strange were the two that I watched and both were very entertaining. I amy have watched some of Civil War and watched a little of Fantastic beasts but apparently did not engage me enough, so…

    Thanks for the post.

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