ReviewsThese days, you can find almost anything on the Internet. But there’s this sense of ownership you have when you get to watch your favorite TV show or movie anytime and whenever you want.

In some cases, you can always stream movies and TV shows for a period of time. Imagine yourself having to watch a whole 8 season TV show but there’s no time to sit and watch it.

While streaming services make our favorite shows available for us to watch, there are some of us that wish these shows were available to watch at any time.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s this sense of ownership you have when your favorite TV show or movie is available to watch at any time. This page will provide the reviews you need about TV shows and movies collectibles. Check them out!

DVD Collectibles

Buffy the Vampire Slayer- The Complete Series DVD Collector’s Edition Review   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman – Complete Series DVD Collection Review   Fringe – The Complete First Season DVD Review

The Jetsons: The Complete First Season Golden Collection Review  

Products you need to Create the Movie Experience @ Home

Watching movies or TV shows is no longer a boring experience. There are many products today that improve the movie watching experience, from your preferred LCD TV, best surround system to the most comfortable (and affordable) chairs. Here are some product reviews that will be surely interesting for you to read:

Excelvan PH5 Home Theater Projector Review Looking at Projector Screens Top 3 Best Sound Bars Top 3 Affordable Surround Speakers Top 3 Affordable Smart Projectors Have a Comfortable Movie Night at Home LCD Flat Panels for the Best Movie Night Decorating The Movie Experience


What do you think of these so far? Are you familiar with any of them? Do not hesitate to drop your comments in the comment box below. I would love to read your views.


4 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I love the Jetsons! You are right about having a dvd that you can watch anytime you want. I watch Netflix a lot with my fiance, but when I am alone I never do. I look through my dvds and it always makes me happy.

  2. Hey Dira!,

    Great site. Oh my…these bring back soooo many memories!!!…who can forget the Jetsons!….growing up as a kid I loved watching all of these!

    And Lois and Clark!!!….had a HUGE crutch on Terri Hatcher back in the day lol…

    Great site and I look forward to reading even more reviews!


    1. Hi Ravi,
      That’s great! I appreciate you taking time to check these reviews and for your nice comments. Feel free to check out the other pages and posts.

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