It is that time of the year when we are preparing to enter the Christmas season. Before entering that season,  The U.S. celebrates “Thanksgiving Day”. A holiday that commemorates the native Americans and the pilgrims have a meal together in harmony giving thanks to the harvest they obtained from which they were able to prepare meals and eat together.

The holiday has become a commercialized social gathering with a lot of food on the table. There used to be a ritual of taking a moment to meditate and give thanks to the highest force. Even that is not practiced anymore people are only focused on the feast which includes a whole cooked turkey. Some countries have even copied the holiday similarly to how “Halloween” has been copied. Especially for those who are copying the holiday because it looks cool here is a question: Do you really know what you are celebrating?

Going back in history the origins of “Thanksgiving Day” are not as what they are presented in books and movies: “a joyful celebration”. The holiday went through several changes. It may have started in one state as indeed a joyful event but shortly after that celebration, the holiday became bloodstained because of the greed of the English men. It became a celebration of the defeat of the native American tribes who were living on the lands. Rather than live in harmony with the tribes they took over their lands. Those who didn’t accept the religion of the English men were killed or sold as slaves. Yet, this dark history is not taught in schools or even published in the mainstream media. It is as if it never happened. However, the descendants still remember and it is a day of mourning for them.

As an outsider, it is astonishing to see the hypocrisy when it comes to this group of minorities (‘Native Americans”). Imagine what would happen if there is a thanksgiving celebration on September 11. There would be outrage, and there would be a demand to respect those who are mourning and remembering their lost loved ones on this day. Why not give Native Americans the same consideration? We need to realize that we are one race: the Human race and we need to take care of our fellow brothers, sisters, and cousins.

We need to learn history in order to improve ourselves and try not to make the same mistakes of the past. All holidays have their meaning like the Allhallowtide. Thanksgiving is a holiday to reflect on everything we were able to accomplish and give thanks to whichever god you believe in that you are still alive today. Now do I think a Thanksgiving celebration is necessary?. Yes, but I believe it should be a whole year celebration not focussing on the commercial side but on the spiritual side. We should be grateful every day that we are alive and able to be with our family and friends and being able to live our life. It shouldn’t be a one-day celebration but it should part of our daily routine to give thanks for what we have.


What does Thanksgiving mean for you? How do you give thanks on Thanksgiving day? Feel free to comment in the comment section below. I would love to learn your view.

By Dira

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2 thoughts on “Looking into Thanksgiving”
  1. I agree with you that it has become too commercialized and the fact that Black Friday is right after doesn’t help. For us, it has become like a family day. Everyone has to bring something. And Granny is the one making sure we do a prayer and take a moment to be thankful otherwise it would be just everyone pigging out.

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